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Plastic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Thank you for visiting Dr. Ricardo Vega, Tijuana Plastic Surgery Clinic. We pride ourselves on the most cutting edge plastic surgery practices.

Our goal is to create a Better Look for our patients, without looking different. Dr. Ricardo Vega, is considered in the selected Group of Best Plastic Surgeons of Mexico, and during the last 17 years of successful Private Practice, and continuous Education trough Worldwide Congress and Masters Meetings , he became a safe, yet highly skilled Tijuana Plastic Surgeon, who offers, from the best and more effective non surgical procedures , to EXTREME BODY CONTOUR PROCEDURES, BODY LIFT, BELT TUMMY TUCK, like Mommy Makeover, and After Massive Weight Loss Surgeries, Extreme Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Arms and Inner-thigh Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, and Impressive results in Facial Rejuvenation.

Dr. Ricardo Vega is a Board Certified Tijuana Plastic Surgeon. With over 22 years experience and a track record of safety excellence. As a top Tijuana plastic surgeon Dr. Vega specializes in AFTER MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS EXTREME BODY CONTOURING, AGGRESSIVE LIPOSCULPTURE, CIRCUMFERENTIAL TUMMY TUCK , FACIAL REJUVENATION, ULTRASONIC LIPOSCUPTURE, FAT TRANSFERRING TO FACE AND BODY.

We look forward to demonstrating our State of the Art Plastic Surgery clinic in Tijuana, BC.
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Consultation has a cost of $40 dlls first time, if booked for surgery it will be credited to your surgery amount

You deserve the best.


Dr. Vega's Medica Vemont

RealSelf Q&A with Ricardo Vega, MD

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